UCP Programs and Services

If you’re looking for programs and services that can help an adult or child with developmental disabilities, you’ve come to the right place.  UCP is one of the leading providers of programs and services in the area. With more than 6,004 clients, we provide opportunities for clients to get out of their homes, learn new skills, and be a part of the community. We give the individuals we work with the chance to get involved in activities they may have thought were impossible before UCP.

As a result of our programs, clients learn skills such as: riding a horse, learning to cook, doing laundry, developing a new hobby, or just fitting in.

Each day at UCP we provide clients a chance to discover a new skill, overcome a challenge or simply experience the pride of being included. Check out the programs and services we offer below, then contact us for more information.

It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. It’s amazing!

UCP’s Adult Day Program gives developmentally disabled adults the chance to increase their independent living skills and reduce their feelings of isolation. Adults participating in the program work on daily living skills, verbal and non-verbal communication and community integration and awareness. Learn more.

UCP’s Community Living and Support Program (CLASP) provides individualized instruction and assistance to developmentally disabled adults within their own homes. Teaching skills such as nutrition, household management and self-advocacy helps CLASP participants reduce their dependence on others while renewing their spirit of independence. Learn more.

Simply put, Respite Care provides much needed relief from caregiving duties when you’re looking after a loved one who requires frequent supervision and care. It can often leave caregivers feeling depressed, burned out, tired and stressed. When you need a break and a few hours to yourself to renew your energy, UCP’s Family Respite Services can help. Learn more.

UCP buses work daily to break down the walls of isolation by transporting clients who have no other means of connecting to their community.  They deliver hope and happiness to someone who otherwise may feel trapped and isolated. Learn more.

UCP Saddle Pals offers weekly adapted horsemanship lessons to people, age 4 and up. The program, run by a remarkable team, promotes growth, independence and improved quality of life for our clients with developmental disabilities. Learn more.

UCP Saddle Pals Heroes Astride empowers our disabled servicemen and women with the tools to recover from physical and emotional trauma. Learn more.