Donor Advised Funds

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How to Donate

The Donor Advised Fund page is easy to use. Click on link below. Enter the name of your financial institution or region foundation that holds your donor advised fund and you will be directed to the next step.

What Are Donor Advised Funds?

Donor Advised Funds are a simple and efficient way to make gift to charity at death. Cash or non-cash assets are deposited into a fund that can grow in value and is granted out to charities over time at donor’s discretion. The donor receives an immediate charitable income tax deduction thereby making the gift irrevocable.

Who Does It Work For?

  • Donors who will incur capital gains tax on sale of appreciated assets.
  • Donors whose estate will be subject to estate tax.
  • Donors who want to benefit charity during their lifetime and after death.
  • Donors who want to involve their family in philanthropy.

UCP Can Help!

Our UCP Team is well versed in IRS regulations on receiving and acknowledging gifts from Donor Advised Funds. The Foundation for UCP will ensure your gift is processed correctly so that you can make a difference in the way that is most convenient for you. Have questions? Contact us!