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If you haven’t seen a UCP bus or van on the road before, you probably will now! 

UCP’s Transportation program is essential to providing services to our clients, as well as our community. Recently, our transportation department expanded its fleet, hiring 20 new team members and increasing our number of vehicles to 75.

Currently, we support 28 routes, however we anticipate on increasing that to 38 by next month. With one driver per route each day, we are able to complete approximately 330 trips per day transporting 200 clients in the process.

UCP has been providing clients with reliable transportation for many years. Did you know that the very first UCP bus was purchased by using 1 million S&H Green Stamps?

We are appreciative of our amazing transportation staff. Our most tenured team member is Steven Lobue who has been at Transportation for over 23 years and our most tenured driver is Leticia Ramirez who has 16 years with UCP transportation, under her belt.

Interesting facts about Transportation:

  1. UCP provides transportation for more than just day-to-day trips. UCP provides transportation for children and disabled adults for things such as Snow Camp, Grizzly Camp, Camp Sacramento, and other fun activities. These fun weekend outings allow these clients to experience nature and other fun activities such as pumpkin patches, fair grounds, etc.
  2. UCP recently provided transportation for the disabled and elderly citizens of Sacramento County to attend the Aftershock Festival. Many of these clients were thrilled to meet our amazing team of drivers and have a safe/reliable service to get them to and from a fun event.
  3. We distributed over 4,000 COVID Test Kits to many Alta Regional clients throughout Sacramento, Elk Grove, Stockton, and Modesto during the pandemic.
  4. During the start of the pandemic UCP assisted in food distributions to those that were COVID positive and/or were at risk. These were people who could not get to the grocery store and so UCP provided a full day’s meals, 4-5 days a week.
  5. UCP created Safetrip to provide those in Sacramento County and surrounding areas a safe ride to and from doctors’ appointments and other necessary trips to alleviate their risk of contracting COVID. UCP took additional precautions to ensure there was no risk of exposure to these passengers and is still doing so today.