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Now that schools are back in session, we start to reminisce about all the fun we had during our summer break. This year. UCP was offered two Summer CAMP programs, providing fun to 40 clients. Our two camps included one for adults, those aged 18+ and for kids, those under 18.

CAMP included 4 days and three nights of campers spending time with their peers and counselors—making friends and memories with new people they otherwise wouldn’t get to meet. Campers participated in a wide range of activities including swimming, archery, kayaking, crafts, and more. At the end of the week at kid’s camp, there was a talent show. Check out a few photos from 2022 Summer CAMP

At the beginning of the week, the kids were apprehensive about performing in front of everyone on the stage, but by the end of the week every single camper wanted to be center stage. 

Counselors came home with art from their campers, and the kids came home with new friends and anticipation for next year’s camp.

The CAMP experience is important to clients. For both the adults and kids, it may be the first time away from home or from a guardian.  They get to making choices about what activities they want to participate in, what clothes to wear for the day, and when to go to sleep. These steps are important for growth and gaining trust, independence, and responsibility and all new skills learned in a fun, safe environment.  

UCP will be hosting Family Camp in the Fall. If you are interested in sponsoring clients or a family to attend, click here.