Transformational Gifts

Providing tools for independent living gives power to individuals

Your Investment Will Transform a Life

At UCP, we turn “I CAN’T” people into “I CAN” people.

In the past, children with special needs were often raised in institutions where everything was done for them. As a result, they grew into adults dependent on others for their care. Today, we raise them as part of the community, teaching them the skills and self-confidence to live as independently as possible.

Invest in our greatest need – Teaching independent and community living skills.

The Need:

  • After a lifetime of having things done for them, our clients want to learn skills that bolster their independence and confidence.
  • 85% of our clients are unable to support themselves through employment, limiting their ability to gain independence and putting them at high risk for homelessness.
  • Independent living is much more effective and cost-efficient than institutional living (average $65,000/year vs $275,000/year).

Your Investment Provides:

  • Social development skills – learning how to socialize builds internal strength.
  • Assistive communication devices and training – learning how to communicate gives our clients a voice.
  • Community-based instruction – familiarizing clients with their community through daily activities and skills training helps build a foundation for a safe, stable and independent life.
  • Visual and performing arts – developing skills through use of sign language or assistive communication devices opens doors for those who have trouble being understood.

“Letting your kids have the opportunity to make mistakes is important. It’s how they learn. When you do everything for them, they never get the chance to try to do it themselves. And you’re sending the message that you don’t think they can do it on their own.”

Advice to parents from Kris O’Keefe, who has cerebral palsy

Our programs serve
469 adult individuals
with 390,182 client service hours
in Yolo and Sacramento Counties

Visual and Performing Arts

Painting, music, clay modeling, and performance. Art provides a channel of communication enhancing social interaction while providing an avenue to express emotions, collaborate and feel accomplished.  Your gift buys art supplies and musical instruments in addition to helping an individual build:

  • Non-verbal Communication – ability to express emotions through music & art.
  • Confidence & Pride – being acknowledged for what was created and accomplished.
    Focus – ability to concentrate and calm a busy mind on a creative task.
  • Collaboration – working with other adults to accomplish a project.

Community-Based Instruction

Community-based instruction teaches communication skills on assistive communication devices so that UCP clients can actively participate in, and connect with, their community. Your gift provides 71 days of skill building, in addition to opening up the door to self-confidence, independence and endless possibilities for the future.

Independent Living Skills

We know living independently is cost-effective and provides a better quality of life for adults. This new model of instruction teaches self-help skills such as cooking, money management, public transportation, health management, safety, meal planning, and social development. Your transformational donation provides one year of independent living skills for 19 individuals.

If you are interested in learning more about making a transformational gift, please contact Steve Horton, Director, Legacy Giving and Marketing at (916) 283-8312 or email him at: