Meet Our Horses

UCP Horses – Up Close and Personal

It takes a very special horse to be selected to participate in our Saddle Pals and Heroes Astride lessons. Each of our horses has gone through specialized training to prepare them for one on one lessons with clients who have developmental disabilities. What makes our horses even more special?  They each have their own personality and style that makes them unique and unforgettable to our students.


Owned by Linda Palley

Also known as Starfire Endeavor, Buddy is a 25-year-old Morgan gelding. His breeding is straight from the Justin Morgan line. He is known for his sweet temperament and his tendency to “talk” to everyone. He has lots of movement and has jumped, done dressage and been ridden on the trails. He loves all treats!



Owned by Tom Stevenson

Sweet Cal Lea, “Calli,” is a 25- year-old American Quarter Horse mare, a dark blackish bay with a white blaze. She has had three foals and is well trained in working cattle, barrel-racing, gymkhana, hunter-jumper, parades and dressage. She is a patient teacher and can be ridden independently. She loves green apples but will not eat red apples.



Owned by Melodi Mason

Also known as Chickory’s Gem Star, Jimmie is a flashy red roan 27-year-old Missouri Fox Trotter. This gelding has wonderful ground manners and is loved by everyone. As a gaited horse, his movement gives lots of action for his riders. His favorite treats are carrots.



Owned by UCP Saddle Pals

Solo, short for Solovera, is an 18-year-old Morab gelding. He is a pretty bay color with a beautiful, long, thick black mane and tail. Known for his incredibly sweet temperament, he is sensitive and willing to move out as asked. He loves carrots and horse cookies.



Owned by UCP Saddle Pals

Winnie is an 11-year-old Halflinger gelding and is a pretty palomino color with a thick white mane and tail. He is known as our Pocket Pony. Winnie is always looking for attention by making funny faces and flapping his lips. He loves being the center of attention and is always calm, sturdy and consistent.