Autism Center for Excellence (ACE)

UCP’s Autism Center – A place for kids to learn

UCP’s Autism Center for Excellence (ACE) is a structured after-school and in home applied behavior analysis (ABA) socialized training program designed to meet the needs of children with autism. Children and teens can receive individualized instruction during large and small group activities and/or in home support. ACE instructors include trained paraprofessionals working under the direction of a Clinical Director and Clinic Supervisors.

Using ABA to teach social skills to children with autism, while helping them build a foundation for friendships

ACE spells success!

Kids and parents tell us they enjoy the ACE program. It is a unique community of professionals, families and children all working to create a safe and supportive program where kids with autism spectrum disorder can:

  • Learn social and interpersonal communication skills
  • Build friendships and social support networks
  • Learn teamwork and practice good sportsmanship
  • Increase appropriate behaviors

Worried about funding?

There are a variety of funding sources available! Ask us!

ACE is a contracted vendor of Alta California Regional Center and is covered by Medi-Cal and most health insurance companies.

Learning how to make friends through ACE.


To learn more about ACE, contact:
ACE Office: (916) 548-2562
Fax: (916) 458-5663