Adult Day Programs

Day programs designed for adults with developmental disabilities

UCP’s Adult Day Program gives developmentally disabled adults the chance to increase their independent living skills and reduce their feelings of isolation. Adults participating in the program work on daily living skills, verbal and non-verbal communication and community integration and awareness.

Who Qualifies for UCP’s Adult Day Program?

UCP’s Adult Day Program works with adults with significant cognitive disabilities due to conditions including autism, epilepsy, intellectual disability, Down syndrome or cerebral palsy. In addition, individuals with physical and/or behavioral challenges can also benefit.

Know someone who could benefit by the Adult Day Program?

Follow these steps:

  1. Receive a doctor’s diagnosis of a developmental disability.
  2. Get referred by Alta California Regional center
  3. Alta California Regional Center will pay for an adult 22 years and older

Benefits of UCP’s Adult Grown Experience Program:

Activities include basic instruction in computer skills, practical math and reading, mobility training and functional living skills.

Through UCP’s Transportation program, clients of AGE have the chance to engage in community-based instruction through regular outings, helping them practice their new skills in a variety of settings.

Cetarra’s smile reflects her new-found confidence by “standing and walking.”


To learn more about Adult Day Programs or to set up a tour, contact:
Shelly Pefley, Director of Client Services
(916) 283-8302