Logan and Michelle

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Urgency takes on a whole new meaning when your child is diagnosed with a developmental disability. Michelle remembers the panic she felt when she heard her two-year-old son, Logan, had autism spectrum disorder. Appointments, urgent needs and recommendations swirled around her head.

Michelle feared she would never hear her little boy speak. She feared she would never hear Logan express affection. Her dreams felt like they were dying.

A single mom with a teenage daughter, Michelle knew she had no time to lose. She immediately enrolled Logan in speech therapy, and the following year he started attending a special school.

And one night, as she read a bedtime story to Logan, he said the three words she had yearned to hear for three long years: “Love you, Mama.”

This extraordinary moment gave Michelle hope, but she still knew there was a long road ahead.  As she worked hard to balance a full-time job and a daughter getting ready to leave for college, she knew she needed help to manage life’s many demands.

UCP’s Respite Family Services came to the rescue, providing a trained respite worker to care for Logan while Michelle works, runs errands or spends time with her daughter.

“Our UCP respite worker is the best!” Michelle said. “I feel relieved that I can work and have a support system.  And every time I come home to Logan and he says ‘Mommy!’ with excitement and love, I know we can deal with this.”

We believe everyone with developmental disabilities can live life without limits.. And we count on our community to help us provide those urgently needed tools.

UCP’s Family Respite Care services provide a much needed mental break.