Respite Caregivers in El Dorado County

Respite Caregiver – El Dorado County
Positions Currently Available

Respite Caregivers are needed in El Dorado County. If you are looking for a job with flexibility and close to where you live, consider working as a respite care worker for UCP of Sacramento and Northern California.

If you are interested in helping people with disabilities live a life without limits then consider becoming a UCP Respite Caregiver!

UCP’s Family Respite Care has expanded to El Dorado County (EDC) and we’re looking for respite workers to help care for individuals with developmental disabilities at home and in the community.

Benefits of Respite Work:

  • Flexible Work Hours – You pick the days and times you want to work
  • Competitive Pay
  • Quick Commute – El Dorado residents can work in El Dorado County
  • Reimbursement for Mileage
  • No Medical Training Needed or Prior Experience Required
  • Rewarding & Fun

Respite Work is Rewarding!

The job of a respite worker can be tough and demanding, yet it is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding jobs you’ll ever have.  As a respite worker, you provide family members who care for their developmentally disabled loved ones with a much needed break. By coming into the home, you give caregivers the opportunity to step away, accomplish other tasks or simply re-energize. Review the Respite Caregiver job description here.

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Respite Caregiver Job Openings Available throughout El Dorado County!

About UCP Family Respite Service

UCP’s Family Respite Service renews energy and reduces demands on a life that can often be overwhelming when caring for someone living with developmental disabilities. Caring for an individual with developmental disabilities like autism, epilepsy, intellectual disability, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy is a 24/7 job that can have severe emotional and physical repercussions on a family. Respite care is a proven prevention technique that not only protects a caregiver’s health and well-being, but prevents out-of-home placements and reduces the risk of abuse or neglect. Find out more about UCP Family Respite Care.

Questions about Respite Caregiver Positions in El Dorado County?

UCP Family Respite Supervisor, El Dorado County