Turning Art into Dollars: Meet Bill Lorenz

Feb 25, 2014

Bill Lorenz may create permanent body art for his clients, but he also has left a lasting impression on UCP and the people we serve.

Bill, who paints in his spare time, walked into our office with a donation of $100, raised through paintings he created and sold on Facebook and Instagram as a fundraiser and awareness campaign for UCP.

BillLorenzphoto“I feel very passionate about supporting organizations that give people with disabilities the help and support they need,” Bill said. “I started looking around for a charity in the Sacramento area that puts the funds they receive directly to use in our community, and I found UCP.”

Bill started tattooing professionally in the early ’90s. Since then, he has met several clients who have children with disabilities.

“Hearing their stories and challenges they face inspired me to try to do my part to help,” Bill said.

But for Bill, one fundraiser is not enough. He wants to create an artwork campaign to raise more money and awareness for UCP. He also wants people with disabilities to know they too can be artists.

“I feel very passionate about the connection between art and service,” Bill said. “I love working with people with disabilities to show them that anyone can be an artist and express himself or herself creatively.”

Right now, someone with a disability is longing to be creative. Make a donation!

You also can hold your own fundraiser for UCP or purchase one of Bill’s paintings!